Estate Administration, Probate Services, Trust Administration, Will Contests and Estate Litigation

At Sutherland & Connor LLC, we efficiently and cost effectively help survivors carry out their loved ones’ wishes, a process known as estate administration. We help clients determine if a probate proceeding is necessary and, if so, we advise the executor (personal representative) throughout the entire process. We also advise heirs, beneficiaries and creditors on their rights during the process of estate administration. We helped hundreds of people navigate estate administration and probate proceedings, and strive to make this part of losing a loved one, stress free and low cost. The estate administration process can include the winding up of family businesses and the sale of real estate. Our attorneys have the necessary expertise to see that the more complex matters are handled fairly and efficiently.

Probate Services

We provide clients guidance to successfully navigate probate and carry out their loved-ones wishes regardless of the particulars of their case. Probate has come to be a known as a bad thing, but it does not have to be. We can keep it simple. In fact, in Colorado, more than 65% of probate cases are informal and no attorneys are involved. We help you determine if you need assistance with an estate, or if we can provide enough guidance initially to get you started in the right direction. If, for example, you are being asked for “Letters” from the court, we can tell you why and help you obtain them. Probate is something we deal with every day and we can help make this the easy phase of what can otherwise be a difficult time.

Trust Administration

Trust have many purposes, at Sutherland & Connor LLC, we routinely advise trustees and beneficiaries on the establishment and administration of trusts. We have many clients who come to us with trusts that were prepared for them and they do not understand their purpose. We can help demystify trust agreements.

Will Contests and Estate Litigation

There are times when an estate plan is subject to scrutiny -- children are disinherited, untrustworthy people take advantage of the elderly, executors become greedy, and some family feuds are, regrettably, unavoidable. We have experience bringing, defending and settling these disputes. Our attorneys successfully settled several will contest cases, and in so doing have protected millions of dollars for the intended beneficiaries. We will help you analyze your issue and, whenever possible, strive for speedy and practical resolution.