Business Law, Real Estate and Oil & Gas

We represent companies of all sizes, from startups to established corporations in negotiations, organization and administration of corporate duties. It’s important to ensure your business is founded on a strong legal framework.

Business Law

We represent closely held companies from startups to established business. If you have a new business plan and need advice on the appropriate form of entity, whether that be a limited liability company or other entity we can help you make that determination. From there we can continue to advise you as your business grows on corporate formalities, contracts, leases and other legal matters.

We help your business plan ahead to avoid potential disputes. Many business are family-run and we can help your family put together a management and succession plan.

Real Estate

Many of our clients will pass away owning real estate. This may be a single family residence or large operating farms. We have helped thousands carry out the wishes of their loved ones when it comes to the disposition or management of real estate. We advise beneficiaries on the pros and cons of keeping or selling real estate and keep abreast of current tax law to ensure the best tax result. When future generations intend to keep real property, such as a family farm, Sutherland & Connor LLC can help form family partnerships and develop a strategy to keep the management and ownership of the farm in the family, while avoiding the family feud.

Oil & Gas

The oil boom is here and increasingly our clients are being contacted to lease mineral interests they may not even know they own. Sutherland & Connor LLC can help you evaluate what assets you have and can help clear record title to such interests. Recently, Sutherland & Connor has helped clients obtain legal title to interests and receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in royalties they were entitled to receive.