Our Fees

For most services we charge an established hourly rate. We will always tell you what rate applies. We will provide you an estimate for our fees for estate planning services and payment is due when the documents are completed. Many estate plans are done for a flat fee and some services are provided for a reduced fee based on available resources.

Our fees for probate services are hourly for the work that we do, plus out of pocket expenses. We do not charge a percentage of the estate as our fee. We will help you with portions or all of the administration. Our flexibility in this regard, reduces overall costs but allows you to use us as you see fit. We have been told by clients time and time again that getting our professional services to help with estate administration was invaluable in proportion to the small fee.

Litigation, wills contests, guardianship and conservatorships are billed at hourly rates. The costs of such proceedings must always factor into the decision to bring such actions. We will be upfront about our fees and help you make decisions knowing that litigation can be unpredictable and costly.